To respond to the last blog entry…

I still haven’t decided on the mp3 player.  I think I’m going to go w/ the Zune, though.  Any additional suggestions, as well as any more workout tune ideas, will still be gladly taken into consideration.  😉

We made the dirt, and it was great.  Amélie and I had such fun making it, and the finished product looked so cute!  I wish I would have taken a picture.  With gummy worms sticking up out of the “dirt” and a bunch of bright flowers sprouting out of the flower pot, it was very convincing–and very tasty.  Thankfully there were some leftovers!

My vote on the pink jumpsuits is that it’s definitely sexist.  When I first saw the segment, I e-mailed a friend and asked her opinion.  Here was my e-mail:
so…when i watched this, i was offended, b/c it seemed incredibly sexist.  i know, i know…guys just don’t usually wear pink, and i’m not buying matt pink underwear or anything, but still, it seemed really sexist to me, b/c it was obviously implied that pink = girly = less than manly = just plain less than. 
am i being overly sensitive?
And here was her response (I’m not including her name since I am reprinting this without her permission 😉 )
YES. it is sexist. there is a reason the guy didn’t choose lavender or pale yellow. granted, we as a society have allowed pink to become the “female” color, but at the same time it has a powerful connotation.  just like the swastika does. to use the connotation of pink to punish men is saying “you’re almost as bad as women”.

<change of subject>
I posted before Christmas asking if anyone was interested in coming over and making some non-toxic cleaning products.  I’d like to plan this sometime in late January or early February.  I need a little bit of time to make sure I can get all of the ingredients and supplies, since some of them, like squirt bottles, may need to be ordered.  I just need to know who would for sure be interested in coming, when would be a good time (I was thinking a Sunday?), and what products you would be interested in making.  Here are some suggestions:
Air freshener
All-purpose cleaner
Antiseptic soap spray
Floor cleaner
Furniture polish
Glass cleaner
Kitchen cleanser (kinda like Comet only non-toxic)
Stain and spot remover (for laundry, upholstery, and carpets)
Toilet bowl cleaner
Tub and tile cleaner
I’m also open to suggestions.  I’ve got a couple of books I’m using (Clean House, Clean Planet and Clean: The Humble Art of Zen Cleansing), and they have recipes for just about everything that may need to be cleaned.

Well, Jack’s up.  So that’s that.  I’m going to feed him and then overdose on some serious caffeine. 


3 responses to this post.

  1. OK…I just have to voice my opinion about the pink jumpsuit thing. I think that thinking it’s sexist is overthinking it. (Yes, I used a form of “think” 3 times in that sentence). I do NOT agree that making the men wear pink is implying that women are considered to be lower than men. Whoa. Fuzzy logic to me. I think the effect would have been the same if the warden or sheriff HAD chosen lavender or yellow. Some things are feminine and some things are masculine. It isn’t a “we’re better than they are” issue. It’s a hard-wired preference, one difference between boys and girls.

    BTW, James has a pink shirt (that he wears often) that says, “DAD: tough enough to wear pink”. I’m not offended when he wears it… 🙂


  2. Posted by megan marie on January 10, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    if barbie’s boxes were all lavender, or more girls’ baby dresses were yellow, i’d think that pink was less significant. but it’s a cultural phenomenon, any way you slice it. there is a reason why there is nothing pink in the boys’ section at target. and, if someone has to be “tough” to wear a certain color, it’s even more proof that that the color has a connotation. it’s just reverse logic. if the color *didn’t* mean anything, then the prison inmates would have no trouble wearing it. but it does mean something – it signifies female-ness. and as a result, the article states, the men say they can’t wait to take the color off (hence the lower recidivism rate).

    one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite women says it best: “We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.” – Gloria Steinem

    to my mind, that goes for everything from how we (do not) let men express emotion, to the careers they choose…to the colors they wear….

    just my two cents.

    two cents from a pretty ardent feminist, btw.:) but you already know that, jilly.


  3. Posted by chill24 on January 13, 2008 at 8:43 am

    i’m so far behind in reading blogs…i’m sad i missed your voteing blog.
    remember in the sumner book when she made the comment that the worst insult for a man is to be called a woman? it’s an offense even lower than being called a pig (or anything else). our sons can be raised knowing that it’s an honor to be a woman (or to honor women – you know what i mean) and that the color pink looks good on most people – no matter what gender!
    there are minds that will forever be in the dark though…i just feel sorry for them.


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