This Bright Sadness

I started to jot down some quick thoughts on Lent for this blog entry, and then my site just shut down, so now my “quick thoughts” aren’t so quick anymore.  Let’s see if I can re-create what was swimming about in my head….

I have been thinking a lot about why Lent resonates so much within my soul.  There is a pull, a tug, a call that I don’t think I could ignore even if I wanted to. 

We didn’t practice Lent growing up, mostly, I think, because it was something Catholics practiced, if you want the honest truth (I talked about this a little bit two years ago here).  While perhaps it might be true that Catholics focus too much on the image of Jesus on the cross (think the ubiquitous use of the crucifix), I also believe that Protestants focus too much on the resurrection.  I said that wrong.  I don’t mean that Easter should not be focused on and celebrated—I do.  But before the brightness of Easter, I think you need to feel your way through the darkness of Lent, and I don’t think that attending a Good Friday service alone demonstrates enough the sharp contrast between the darkness and the light.  Before rejoicing in the light, it is much more meaningful, for me anyway, to have journeyed through the “Bright Sadness” of Lent. 

For some reason this is my favorite time of year, perhaps because it is a time of sadness before joy, perhaps because it just appeals to my melancholy nature, perhaps because the “Bright Sadness” is shadow and light (chiaroscuro), and perhaps it is because this time of year is very difficult for me, and as I process through a time of personal darkness, I am accompanied by the comfort of Lent’s Bright Sadness.  I don’t know what it is exactly.  I just know that I do find comfort, and I feel closer to God, as I walk through my days cloaked in the shadows of Lent.  And I pray that you, also, will find comfort, and God’s presence, and healing this Lenten season.



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  1. well said. ahhh.


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